Visualise your manufacturing floor like never before


Monitor any manual or semi-automated process in real-time. Capture OEE and productivity data directly from the production operators as they work


We work with companies of all sizes and scale at a pace that suits you


Kt-Pulse™ is a leading edge solution for monitoring
and improving any operator-led manufacturing process


Kt-Pulse™ is a standalone solution that gives production operators a voice. The operators log good units, downtime events and quality losses as they occur using a simple touchscreen interface. Quick interactions with the app as they work, without leaving their workstation. Our dashboards and reports benefit all users including operators, team leads, engineers and managers

Traditional machine OEE software has its place in manufacturing, but Kt-Pulse is OEE for operator-driven manufacturing processes.

Kt-Pulse gives your processes a beat and characterises them with a new level of accuracy.

✅  Designed by manufacturing experts

✅  Track manual assembly, inspection or packaging processes

✅  Industry agnostic

✅  Cloud-based (no software installations)

✅  Up and running in less than 4 hours

✅  Easy to scale

✅  Free 30-day trial

✅  Free support

✅  Free upgrades

✅  Quick ROI

Increased productivity

The Kt-Pulse collector app gives operators accurate, real-time visibility of the live plan versus output, keeping them on track to meet or exceed the shift plan


Quicker response to downtime and quality issues

With the Kt-Pulse live dashboards, issues are escalated more quickly to the right resources, reducing the impact of downtime and quality losses

Better team collaboration

The shift summary dashboards keep the whole team aligned on how the manufacturing floor is operating and where to prioritise actions and support

More impactful improvement activity

The trend analysis charts identify where the biggest downtime, quality and performance losses are occurring, giving you a powerful roadmap for improvement


Configure your production environment


Log production data in real-time


Get new insights from the production floor


Collaborate and see the results

Production analytics made easy


Make data collection and reporting easy for any manual or semi-automated assembly, inspection or packaging process.


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