The Kt-Pulse system has three components that work seamlessly together


(setup web app)


(data collector mobile app)


(analytics web app)


Add all of your key manufacturing parameters with a user-friendly and intuitive front end

Targeted downtime and scrap reasons

Create a company-wide list of downtime and scrap codes and assign them to the relevant workstations


Flexible output targets

Hourly output targets automatically adjust for scheduled break times and part number selection

Manage production scheduling

Schedule due dates for each production batch and prioritise the order of builds assigned to the production operators

Shifts and teams

Set up shift patterns and teams to analyse all of your key performance indicators by shift or team


Production operators log good units, defects and downtime events in real time through a simple touchscreen interface

Adjustable counts

Log one or multiple good units or defects with each button press

Capture lost time precisely

Log every downtime and changeover event precisely without guesstimating

Real-time productivity tracking

Production operators can see, at a glance, if they are on track to meet the output target for the current hour and shift

Swap the collector location

If you want to move the collector to a new process, enter the new link key and you are up and running in less than a minute


Kt-Pulse is your visual factory tool. Keep everybody up-to-date on the production floor, in the office or remotely

Real-time analytics

Live snapshot views that highlight if output is on track and what processes need support

Shift summary analysis

Run more effective team meetings with accurate insights by shift, day, week or month

Trend analytics

Run charts and Pareto charts that help you discover where the biggest improvement opportunities exist


Review processes at a top level or use the drilldown function to discover deeper insights

Changeover analysis

Track changeover times precisely and quantify the impact of problems that arise during changeovers

Root cause analysis

The events list summarises every logged event. A great tool for root cause analysis of downtime and quality issues

Export to CSV or Excel

Export your data to CSV or Excel to carry out further analysis

Remote access

Access all of the Kt-Pulse analytics remotely when you can’t make it onto the production floor

Kt-Pulse in numbers


Increase in productivity and more stable, predictable output

Response time

Reduction in time taken to respond to and fix downtime issues


Improved process yield by detecting and root causing defect issues more quickly


Less time spent collating production data and creating reports