We make manufacturing operations easy to manage through digital technology


Kyzentree is a technology company that builds software for monitoring manual assembly, inspection and packaging processes. Manufacturers of every size — small single site to large multinational – use our solution to track and visualise their productivity metrics

Our story

The Kyzentree story began during a cold winter in Minnesota. Anthony was working for a client to transform their manufacturing operations. The goal was to significantly improve productivity across the manufacturing floor. The early weeks involved setting up KPIs across each of the manufacturing lines and cells. The resulting data was used to drive improvements in availability, performance and quality.

The original idea came during a trip back home to Ireland one Friday morning, Anthony sat in Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. With no means to check how the improvements were working back in the plant, he picked up his phone. Scrolling through the football results, he was bothered that he couldn’t see how the manufacturing floor was running. That was the problem with manual assembly lines; the data is captured on checksheets and spreadsheets and turned into reports later. And then the thought came…what if we could develop an app that would capture data in real-time from any manual manufacturing process? The early seeds for what is now Kt-Pulse were sown.

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In the years since, Kyzentree has grown into a manufacturing-focused technology company. A team of manufacturing, lean and technology experts have come together to build a cloud-based application for monitoring any type of manufacturing process that is run by production operators. Production operators live and breathe their manufacturing process every day and with Kt-Pulse they have a voice to quantify how well that process is performing and what the issues are. We take our inspiration from three sources; 1) OEE software, which works well in high volume, automated machine environments, 2) the whiteboards and spreadsheets that we successfully used for many years and 3) customer feedback. In fact, every dashboard that we have ever created was designed and built with customer interaction.

Our philosophy is continuous improvement and we relentlessly pursue perfection in everything we do. Our mission is to make manufacturing operations easy to manage through digital technology. And our vision is a future where teams will be able to access all of their manufacturing information in one click. This means more time acting on data and less time trying to collate or find it.

Why work with us? We’re passionate about helping you to improve, we provide unlimited support as needed and we thrive on making our product and services better every day. If you’d like to get a sense of what it’s like to work with us, let’s talk

Kt-Pulse is OEE for production operators

Kyzentree uniquely combines a data collector app with a suite of cloud-based analytics dashboards to bring OEE data to the world of operator-led manufacturing processes


Our cloud-based web application provides customers with an easy-to-use platform to set up their scrap codes, shift patterns, targets, etc


At the core is a simple but powerful app that enables production operators to log productivity, quality and downtime in real-time


Sitting on top is our suite of dashboards to manage real-time escalation of issues, production meetings and improvement activity

Removing manufacturing complexity

We take the events that the production operators log and analyse the data in real-time, so businesses that run on Kt-Pulse don’t have to


Our Values

No matter who we are engaging with, colleagues or customers, big or small, these are the values that guide our decision making every day


We treat our customers and employees with empathy and humility


We are open and trustworthy and focus on where we can add value


We have a can-do attitude and strive to get better at what we do every day


We are passionate about what we do as individuals and together


By working together, we will achieve exceptional results


We see our clients as an extension of our team and a vital cog in our improvement journey
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What is a Kyzen Tree?

In truth, there is no such thing as a Kyzen Tree! However, when the words are put together they create a powerful concept. ‘Kyzen’, or Kaizen, is a Japanese term meaning ‘change for better’, a philosophy of continuous improvement. ‘Tree’ is a symbol of growth, where the trunk represents the funnelling of information and resources, the branches represent the improvement opportunities and the leaves are the fruits of all the improvement activity. Together they inspire us to do things a little bit better every day. Kyzentree…changing the world of manufacturing for the better, through technology.

Kyzentree … simplifying manufacturing operations